Mark – You always handle my account like we are VIP’s and I appreciate it. Thank you for many good years of service. You and your staff have gotten me out of a few tough situations and are always thinking in my company’s best interest.

Buzz C Nelson

Buzz's Shower Pans

We have been more than pleased with Kari!  She always is prompt, well-informed and wonderful at communicating beyond our expectations.  She has such a pro-active approach, which is rare.

Dealing with insurance agencies can feel exhausting and like the world is against you, but we have felt, more than anything, that Kari is on OUR side.

Melissa Dimon

Canivet Construction, Inc.

Your service is great. You are always there when I call unlike my old agent that would take days to get a return call. You obviously do not play golf! I plan to renew my insurance with you again this year and to refer you many of my subcontractors that need insurance.

Kevin Mease

Custom Framing Systems, Inc.

As usual, I got this “speedy and prompt” service. Thank you! Everybody at CSIS is so awesome.

Fe Morrow

Alex Martin Concrete, Inc.

You’re the man!!!  Thanks a lot, I really appreciate how fast you get things done.

Josh Vanderwahl

Detail Green Mobile Car Detailing

Our insurance is a specialty insurance that many agents told us they could not get us. Todd was able to get us what we needed for a good price and gave us more than one option when other agents could offer NO option. Nice doing business with you.

Tim Grise

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