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CSIS strives to be your agent of choice, for all lines of coverage. This holds true all year round, not just at renewal time.  Our knowledgeable staff is at your disposal Monday through Friday, 9 am PST – 5 pm PST.  You are just a phone call away at any time from a live person that is able to answer your questions and concerns, and always in a professional and timely manner. We are a full service insurance agency, so this is the last call that you will need to make!

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3315 Old Conejo Road
Thousand Oaks Ca 91320


Local  (805)-446-4880
Phone: (888)-501-2747
Fax: (888)-502-2747



Our Team

Mark Richards
Phone: (888) 501-2747 ext. 105
Email: mark@csisonline.com
Kari Kubanet
Chief Operations Officer
Phone: (888) 501-2747 ext. 104
Email: kari@csisonline.com
Scott Krakauer
Phone: (888) 501-2747 ext. 109
Email: scott@csisonline.com
Randy Rivas
Phone: (888) 501-2747 ext. 118
Email: randy@csisonline.com
Sue Pepler
Account Manager
Phone: (888) 501-2747 ext. 113
Email: sue@csisonline.com
Steve Fike
Account Manager
Phone: (888) 501-2747 ext. 119
Email: steve@csisonline.com
Elizabeth Fabiano
Account Manager
Phone: (888) 501-2747 ext. 102
Email: liz@csisonline.com
Samantha Batt
Account Coordinator
Phone: (888) 501-2747 ext. 121
Email: samantha@csisonline.com
Kerri Arnold
Phone: (888) 501-2747 ext. 106
Email: kerri@csisonline.com
Leonarda Johnson
Customer Service Representative
Phone: (888) 501-2747 ext. 117
Email: leonarda@csisonline.com
Carol Mlinarevic
Customer Service Representative
Phone: (888) 501-2747 ext. 108
Email: carol@csisonline.com

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