Privacy Policy

Building Trust

Building Trust

The information we collect from you must be shared with insurance company underwriters, auditors, and other third parties working for the insurance company. This is done in confidence and the information is not shared outside of the insurance company or CSIS Insurance, unless required to assist in obtaining insurance for your business. Some of our vendors use credit information to determine if an offer may be extended. This is done with in the guidelines of the Fair Credit Act.

Our agency makes every possible effort to maintain your complete and absolute privacy while using our web site. Your personal information will never be shared with others, sold or given to any other entity for marketing purposes, or passed on to third parties for any other reason. We ask as little personal information possible to prepare insurance quotations. If information is ever viewed by another party it is purely accidental, and in using our site, you release us from liability should this information be retrieved, downloaded, or viewed against our wishes, and contrary to privacy rules and laws. We shall not be held liable for any fraudulent, dishonest, or criminal acts of others who view or steal such information through technical or other means.

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